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Default What are we playing for now?

Didn't watch the game, but listened to it. Losing sucks, but in reality Notre Dame just can't quite get over the hump against some of the top programs in the nation. It is what it is.

To my point: I always have a hard time finding out what I'm supposed to measure up as a good season after a loss that will probably knock ND out of the playoff picture so early in the season. Fair or unfair, that's the reality. ND could technically get into the playoff, but it's sort of out of their control. A lot of variables have to fall in place for them.

Not being in a conference is kind of a drag. Even if you get knocked out of the playoffs you still can look forward to a conference championship. Not so for ND. Seems like playoffs or bust. In order to do that ND has to run the table. One loss and the season is kind of in limbo.

What do you all consider a good season after a loss like this? I don't mean the program is in a death spiral of "fire Kelly' or any of that. I just mean, what's the measuring stick now? I usually say beat USC and Navy, win the bowl game. That seems a little anticlimactic now. Thoughts?
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