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Originally Posted by EddieAngel View Post
Jon Pinette is very funny, funnier than Ralphie May IMO. Of coruse the Redneck comedy is good for a single spin, maybe two. Aziz Ansari (sp) is pretty good though frought with some recent contreversy, Kathleen Madigan is fun, Tig Notaro, Kevin Nealan.

Those are some that spring to mind from my hours listening to XM comedy. Apologies for the spelling of the names I likely butchered. Hedberg is all time, he is a definite must if you haven't had time to enjoy him (RIP also).
Is Pinette a heavy guy too? Not sure ig I have the right guy, but I think he did the bit about getting kicked out of a Chinese buffet. "You eat so much wonton you weight one ton...." very funny bit imo.
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