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Overall I'd say comics are a different breed of cat, and that's ok. One of my favs is still Norm McDonald. I can't watch a lot of the new stuff out there because many have bent the knee and just won't touch various subject matters anymore for fear of being shouted down or blacklisted, ala Owen Benjamin when he first called out the giving children hormone blockers to become trans as child abuse and wouldn't back down from that position. While that certainly wasn't a comedy bit, it showed a larger problem that has been going on in comedy where comedians won t make fun/discuss taboo subjects.

To me a comedian or jester should not or cannot be limited by political correctness or what is acceptable norms while producing comedy. This is why Norm McDonald was such a master on SNL and his Weekly Updates skit. He routinely broke the audience who initially had unfavorable reactions to his bits about OJ and Michael Jackson, by repeating over and over the absurdity of the crazy news stories surrounding them.

Comedians nowadays really have bent the knee so to speak on a variety of topics they will no longer touch. Some gained widespread acclaim for their comedy with those topics, but now closed the door behind them criticizing anyone who followed their lead. A joke is a joke and people take themselves waayyy too seriously these days and can' t laugh a sh*t anymore without someone being offended. Screw those people, comedy is one of the last bastions of free speech where nothing should be off limits.
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