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Originally Posted by ndomer4 View Post
You would take 05 where we beat two teams with a winning record and lost to the only good teams we played? Our best wins are 7 win Michigan and 8 win Navy. You’ll take that over 12,15,17 and 18? I bet your one of the only ones here who would prefer that.

Kelly has a long home win streak, has he ever played a team of that caliber at home? I don’t think so. This will be a moot point after next season where I believe we beat Clemson at home. Just remember Kelly has never had a home loss like the Michigan blowout.

This team got screwed out of a good bowl based on tie ins. Your argument is flawed, your arguing for arguably one of the worst coaches in ND history.
Eric Hanson in the SBT debunked your theory. We didn't get screwed. We lost by 31 to a 4-loss Michigan team. Bad losses by traditional powers to average teams weigh heavily. isn't that obvious? I could care less about beating a bunch of bad teams, and a few average one's and bragging about a streak. I'd much rather play Michigan every year, with USC and one other OOC team from an elite conference than this dog crap ACC slate with new Mexico and Bowling Green thrown in. It's all smoke and mirrors with you guys, but the rest of the college football world knows exactly what our value is. Clemson's gonna beat us at home. So is Ohio State, which is going to be a reality check for you people. In ten years Kelly has NEVER beaten a Top 10 team at the end of season at home or away. What's changed? The winning streak doesn't mean anything when a team with more talent shows up and Kelly has to out coach a better coach. I'd be glad to eat my words, but Kelly is not a good enough coach to beat a team with superior talent home, or away.

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