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Originally Posted by echo88 View Post
We hung with the equivalent of Bama's dynasty during the mid 2000s and lost on a highly questionable last second TD.

USC had one BCS loss under Pete Carroll during that era, which by a last second TD. 7 double digit win seasons in a row. Coming off back to back national championships before we played them in 2005. So yeah, our 2005 loss to USC will always be our most impressive loss. BK will never and could never hang with a team like that.
I guess we get to find out next year when Clemson comes calling.

To your point, that is basically a must win for Kelly. Either he can eventually beat a top dog or he can't. You can't keep losing to elite teams if you think your program is elite, sometimes you have to actually win those games.

The thing is, had Kelly won a title and 2-3 more of those "big" games, the blowout loss to Michigan would have been forgotten by now. Pretty much everyone gets blown out once in a while. The issue is Kelly has no signature wins to fall back on when the blowout occurs.
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