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Originally Posted by ndomer4 View Post
Your giving Weis credit for a team that he inherited. A big part of being a college coach is recruiting, his teams with all his guys went 6-6. These teams donít hold a candle to 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The 14 team while not great would steamroll those Weis teams.

I also donít get how your still arguing for a loss. Kellyís has some really close losses and some descent to very good wins. Weis got steamrolled at home in 06 , what was Kellyís worst home loss? 13 vs OU with Rees at qb (35-21).

The 05 team was not as good as the 12, 15, 17 and 18 teams. The 05 team had a pedestrian defense and no depth. Sure the offence was good but that unit lacked depth as well. They lost to a 5 win team and only beat two teams with a winning record, one being Navy.
I'm giving Weis credit for being as competitive as Kelly has ever been during those two years, playing a much more difficult schedule, and for coaching the most epic game in the post Holtz era. I repeat THOSE TWO YEARS So stay focused.

I'm gonna go on record and say that Kelly will NEVER win or lose such an epic game as the 2005 USC-ND game, where he took a vastly superior team down to the last snap in a game that will be remembered for a generation of fans.

There's a reason why we're playing Iowa State at the end of 2019. I realize that's good enough for Jenkins and you, but I'd take 2005 over now, where at least we had one epic game and looked like the ND of old.
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