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Originally Posted by cri8nd View Post
I've only watched the highlights of the Oklahoma game. Seems like they have a solid enough defense despite what Oklahoma did against them and you could say they have a better all-around skill group than ND.

If I were ISU, I would force ND to show that they can run the ball until proven otherwise and contain book's running. Then have ND show that their skill makers can make the necessary plays. If not, it's gonna be a long day cause ISU is gonna get their points.

Hopefully, Lenzy is starting opposite field of claypool as they are going have two guys constantly on him.
AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This exactly what a 3-3-5 defense does

In its purest coverage for its rush 3 drop 8 because 3 LB + 5 DB=8

QB is looking he has 8 bodies back there to throw around.

So the easiest way when he drops back is to scramble, gain a few yards.

But Logically say he gained 5 yards and started from the 20 he'd need 16 5 yard plays to get there.

Not many drives go 16 plays without a penalty or turnover.

So you hand it off gain 4-5 more. Again and Again.. It becomes a game of patience. When is The QB going to play action fake it to the RB and throw it to get a chunk of yards? Or when is the linebacker going to take a bad angle on a running back and let him rush for 20?

Or when will the QB lose patience and make a mistake?

Iowa State plays in a Conference with a high powered offensive reputation. They can't out athlete Oklahoma, but what they can do is make the run out of patience.

ND will need to strike a balance been taking the first down and going for it all. Iowa State will have plenty of smart DB's back there should we lose patience.

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