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Originally Posted by echo88 View Post
Oh I'm not saying there is zero correlation. Im saying that a QBs success in college is not indicative of how well he will fare in the NFL.

In other words, touting how many QBs a college coach has had drafted in the 1st round doesn't say nearly as much about the player as what that QB did while playing in college. College ball is a very different game and recruiting for that level is very different than what NFL scouts are looking for.

Just look at where the NFL QBs who have made a dynasty of their career in the past few decades came from. Was it Bama? Clemson? OSU? That traditional powerhouses of college? Nope.
No, they didn't all come from the powerhouses, but they weren't all no name college QB's either. QBs can develop places other than Alabama, but not many guys go from not being good in college to being great in the NFL. Looking at the list of the best QBs from the last 20 years, I'd say any serious college football fan could tell you where most of them played. Yes, there are few Joe Flaccos adn Rich Gannon's out there, but even guys like Ben Roethlisberger, who went to Miami, OH, were very well known during their college career.

Peyton Manning - Tennessee
Tom Brady - Michigan
Drew Brees - Purdue
Aaron Rodgers - Cal
Donovan McNabb - Syracuse
Steve McNair - Alcorn St.
Philip Rivers - NC State
And so on.
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