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Originally Posted by coltssb View Post
Not that Iím comparing these guys.... But look what Dabo did with Lawrence and Bryant. He knew Lawrence had the higher ceiling and immediately put him in the first game. Then road with him the rest of the year knowing that Lawrence was going to make mistakes. Even though Bryant was clearly still the better qb at that time. I say that meaning, established and able polished. But Dabo was willing to take that chance and get the higher recruit ready. But I know Kelly is not Dabo and Kelly didnít have Daboís luxury to switch since Dabo already won a championship. Where Kelly is still trying to figure out how to recruit top 5 classes. But the point is Kelly is not letting the higher potential guys see the field enough to prepare them for game action.

Also, Iím curious when you said Jurk, wasnít a film junkie what that entails? Arenít their qb meetings where they go over game prep together? Are you saying Jurk didnít go to film rooms alone to watch tape? If heís not understanding the offense or defenses thrown at him, isnít counterintuitive to him to go sit in a room a look a tape he doesnít understand? Where the teaching at? It be like sending a freshman highschool to study hall with Einsteinís theory of relativity on the board and have him try to figure out. Heíll never get it.
All fair points regarding Dabo switching to Lawrence over Bryant, although Lawrence is truly a once-a-decade type recruit. But I think your overall point still stands. Jurkovec clearly has the physical skills to be successful, it's up to the coaches to help get him ready. But it's also on Jurkovec. I think the fact that he's not ready can be attributed to both the coaches and Jurkovec himself, which is why I brought up the film junkie thing. I brought it up because it's been mentioned on multiple media outlets (not just recently) that Jurk wouldn't study film like Ian Book. They obviously all watch film in the QB meetings and the offensive team meetings, but Book takes extra time to watch it, either by himself or with Tommy Rees. It sounds like Jurk wouldn't do that - maybe that's a product of being frustrated about his role as the backup, but it sounds like the coaches noticed and felt like he wasn't "all in." I get what you're saying about watching it without understanding it, but he could watch it with Tommy Rees to get a better understanding, which is what Book does.

Tim Prister mentioned it in his article this morning:

I also thought this line from Pete Sampson's article in The Athletic was telling: "But instead of seeing Book as an obstacle to Jurkovec, the proper read is that Jurkovec didn't have the ability to push Book at all. If Jurkovec had returned to Notre Dame this spring, he was more likely to face competition from Brendon Clark and Drew Pyne than to bring competition to Book." That just shows how far away he was - and, again, I don't think it's all on Jurk. The coaches have to develop the players and BK certainly has struggled developing QBs, but the player also has to take ownership and do the little things (like extra film study).
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