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Originally Posted by Jim2Dokes View Post
Out of this list only Alex Smith has had a decent NFL career. You are missing the point, these are considered the top coaches, the very top and yet have not produced an elite qb in the nfl yet.. we shall see about Tua. I hate that you make it so easy to defend Kelly, when I donít think he is even close to the level of these coaches.
You are missing my point. I am not talking about coaches who produce elite NFL QBs.

I am talking about a much lower bar. Surely it is not asking a lot from a coach who aspires to be a Top 10 coach to be able to identify and develop multiple QBs who have the minimum amount of talent to just simply make an NFL roster.

Saban and Meyer have shown that they can recruit/develop NFL quality QBs on a regular basis. Not necessarily All-Pros but at least guys that can hang in the league for multiple years even if just on practice squads.

Kelly has done it just once in ten years at ND.

There are probably at least 300 QBs who have been on a NFL roster sometime during the past 10 years. (There were over 100 QBs on rosters in 2019).

Kelly, the QB Whisperer, has manged to only coach just 1 of those 300 QBs during his time at ND.

Does Kelly's track record with QBs over the last 10 years give anyone confidence that he will be able to field a NC winning team?
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