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Originally Posted by FaithInIrishForever View Post
I feel like the Brian Kelly Era at ND has had two chapters thus far.

Manti's- from 2010-2012

Jaylon's- 2013-2015

????- 2015-

It's interesting that those first two, I see a linebacker.

To me Manti struck me for leadership
Jaylon struck me for amazing talent.

So Who's to lead the new chapter. I know Kelly would like me to put culture in there or team 128.

With anything new there's this sense of exciting opportunity coupled with the anxiety of uncertainty.

Who's team is it now?

Is that a reasonable question?
I do think its a reasonable question. Once constant thing through both of those chapters was a lack of solid leadership from the QB spot. Rees was a "coaches son" but he couldn't cut it on the field. Golson melted under pressure and wasn't a leader. I think we will see a QB step up for a change and take over this team. I think team 128 will be lead by the winner of the QB battle.
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